punters cash in on Victoria’s new race caller

Posted by Sports News First on 23/3/2017
Filled in: Racing

Online bookmaker was miles off the mark when they offered $31 for Matt Hill to be Greg Miles’ replacement, and punters took us to the cleaners.

  • 48 punters backed Matt Hill to replace Greg Miles at $31
  • Hill was backed in from $31 to $1.90

48 people were shrewd enough to spot the massive value and proceeded to back Hill.

The alarm bells were soon ringing on the Sportsbet trading floor, and his price went from $31 into $11, into $3.50 then $1.90…..all equating to a huge win for punters.

“OK, you got us! Matt Hill may have a new job, but the bloke who put him up as a $31 chance isn’t as confident about his own job security,” said’s Christian Jantzen.