eSports – Dota 2 The International Tips, Team Previews and Odds – 2017

Posted by Sports News First on 3/8/2017
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The 7th installment The International sees 18 of the best teams in the world fighting for the largest prize pool in the history of eSports. With help from community crowdfunding, the prize purse this year boasts over USD$23,000,000 with over USD$10,000,000 going to just the 1st placed team.

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VIRTUS.PRO [$4.00]

Virtus.Pro have had a very solid comeback following the conclusion of their 2016 season. Their most notable achievement being 2nd place to OG at the Kiev Major. Virtus.Pro are a solid pick for The International 7 as their drive to get revenge on OG is sure to push them to the limit.


Team Liquid look incredibly strong in the lead up to The International 7. They’ve got a string of 1st place finishes since the end of 2016 and are one of the in-form teams of the tournament. They have a genuine chance of claiming the title.


2016 The International champions Wings Gaming have disbanded. This leaves Evil Geniuses as the most recent winners of The International, having won the event back in 2015. EG are a tight-knit roster full of fire and plenty of personality. They came 3rdlast year and always seem primed for this event.

OG [$7.00]

OG is the team to beat coming into The International 7. They are the only team to have won multiple Major titles, racking up 4 wins out of 5 total Majors. It would be foolish to not consider OG with the highest chance of taking the Aegis of Champions this year. The $7 price makes them especially attractive.

NEWBEE [$9.00]

Newbee have long been considered one of the strongest teams in the Chinese region with solid performances and great results against the best teams in the world. Their current roster includes a past winner which will give them much needed experience when the going gets tough.

LGD GAMING [$9.00]

LGD are another team from the Chinese region that continues to provide consistent performances. With a string of top 3 finishes throughout the year, LGD are a solid pick for The International 7.

TEAM SECRET [$11.00]

Team Secret are a crowd favourite, but have suffered somewhat of a decline since 2015 with patches of good and bad performances. It’s hard to tell when they’ll perform but surely with one of the world’s first 10,000MMR players they will bring out quality games at The International 7.

TNC [$12.00]

TnC are the current favourites from the SEA region. Having performed well in SEA and defeated tournament favourites in the past TnC are a risk to pick but could pay off if they play well.

CLOUD 9 [$15.00]

Cloud 9 are almost absolutely guaranteed 2nd place. Whether they can convert the 2nd place curse since their inception years ago to a 1st place win at The International remains to be seen. With fan favourite EternalEnvy at the reigns Cloud 9 are a pretty good pick for The International 7.


LGD.FY are the dark horse of the Chinese region. On multiple occasions they have performed incredibly well, defeating their sister tea LGD, to qualify for high profile events. However, other times they’ve struggled to get results, and have yet to be truly tested against teams outside of China. They will need to prove themselves at The International 7.


IG have had some pretty good results this year defeating some top tier teams, but more recently have dropped off with a string of average results. Hopefully Chinese player and legend BurNIng can utilize his experience to carry the team to victory at The Internatonal 7.


A pretty hectic year for DC. They completely dropped their roster in April and started from scratch with some players that have huge potential. They have yet to truly prove themselves against the top tier teams.

TEAM EMPIRE [$34.00]

Team Empire have had some decent results this season, but that could all be out the window if they cannot perform with stand in player Resolution. Their main carry player has had visa issues and it is uncertain if he will make the event at any point.

IG.VITALITY [$41.00]

Some pretty average results this year has seen iG.Vitality fall off the radar. They are not looking too hot leading up to The International 7 but this could be to their advantage if they surprise teams with a sudden surge of good performances.


A completely new team to the scene, Hellraisers are the underdogs coming into The International 7. And rightly so, having picked up the roster of Planet Dog, Hellraisers are unlikely to win but will look to make their mark against the best in the world.

FNATIC [$51.00]

Featuring some veterans of the SEA scene Fnatic are going to be driven to prove themselves an SEA powerhouse once again. Though they are not favoured by most, the experience they have in their roster will keep competitors on their toes.


Execration alongside Fnatic are looking to redeem their status as an SEA powerhouse. Having done well previously in the SEA region and occasionally made their way into overseas events Execration will look to out perform their SEA counterparts.

INFAMOUS [$81.00]

Infamous are another underdog and it’s unlikely they’ll far at this year’s event. This will be the first International that has a Peruvian team so Infamous will want to make their mark and prove what the South-American region has to offer.


My TIP: OG at $7.00