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Magnussen firing

JAMES Magnussen is thrilled with the way he is swimming to start 2014 but is cautious to not get too carried away and to ensure his best is still ahead of him.

Aquatic Super Series

JAMES Magnussen and Cate Campbell have won their pet events for Australia at the five-nation Aquatic Super Series in Perth on Friday night. 

Thorpe out of rehab

IAN Thorpe has reportedly checked out of rehab as he battles "crippling depression" and alcohol abuse.

Magnussen wins

AUSTRALIAN James Magnussen put a year of pain behind him as he defended his world 100m freestyle title with an emotional victory in Barcelona.

Nettleford gone

SWIMMING Australia has stood down its president Barclay Nettlefold over accusations of inappropriate behaviour towards a female team consultant.

Grow up says Perkins

AUSTRALIA'S male swimmers must focus on their sport and not being "celebrity show ponies".