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A lot of things annoy Glenn Maxwell

By AAP .
23 February 2014 07:14AM EST

GLENN Maxwell is getting annoyed. So he wants you to know a couple of things.

First, don't call him The Big Show.

Second, don't typecast him as a limited-overs specialist.

And third, he'll keep playing that reverse sweep, no matter what you say.

Maxwell is also annoyed his Victorian team are staring at a fifth consecutive Sheffield Shield defeat, this time against South Australia at Adelaide Oval.

After being made to follow on, they Bushrangers were 2-93 in their second dig at stumps on Saturdays' third day, still 109 runs behind.

The Vics were bowled out for 309 in a first innings highlighted by Maxwell's 119, after he made 127 and 94 against NSW last week.

But his knock ended when caught playing a reverse sweep. He was also dropped on 15 trying the same shot.

"What people have to understand is, that is the way I try to get on top of spinners," he said.

"I see it as much the same as a lofted straight drive ... it's the same amount of risk for me hitting a reverse sweep.

"It is a legitimate shot. Unfortunately, coaches and opposition aren't always going to see it that way. They are always going to see it as an innovation or an unorthodox shot.

"But for the modern player, those innovations are actually becoming normal shots."

Maxwell also wants to shed his egotistical nickname, The Big Show.

"A lot of things annoy me - the nickname is one of the bigger ones," he said.

"I cop criticism daily on Twitter about wasted talent ... with everything being so public and everyone knowing the player so well on these social media sites, you're going to cop it and you just have to deal with it."

Maxwell also copped criticism from Australian coach Darren Lehmann during last month's one-day series against England for poor shot selection and lack of match awareness.

"It was definitely valid. I wasn't expecting it to be public," Maxwell said of Lehmann's criticism.

"That is the way he goes about it and it's probably the best way to get a response out of players, I suppose.

"It has got a reasonable response out of me in the last couple of games and I'm hoping I can turn it around and be that player that he needs me to be.

"I feel like I have got all the tools do it. It's just that little finishing touch which I'm missing."

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