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Pittman to contemplate track and ice

By AAP .
20 February 2014 01:36PM EST

JANA Pittman hasn't ruled out a tilt at both the 2016 summer Games and the Winter ones two years later after completing the bobsleigh event in Sochi with pilot Astrid Radjenovic in 14th place.

It was a result close to what was expected from the pair who had been aiming for 12th place or upwards.

Pittman, a two-times 400m world champion who competed at the 2004 Athens Games, has had a difficult relationship with the summer event, finishing fifth 10 years ago after surgery then missing the following two Games through injury.

She described the winter experience as a much more pleasurable one despite not reaching the lofty heights of her athletics career.

But a return to athletics may yet be on the horizon, though Pittman will have to balance out having a small child and medical studies with it.

"I'm not ruling it out," she said of Rio in 2016.

"But let's just enjoy this moment, please.

"I'd love another one but let's just wait and see. I don't want to be greedy.

"I've got to get home, give my time to my son and see how we go. We've both had difficult careers but I think in some ways the fact that you fit so much in makes it more rewarding in the end."

Radjenovic, a three-time Winter Olympian herself, said she would welcome brakeperson Pittman, 30, back into the fold should she want to pursue athletics again.

Pittman said she could comfortably transfer from one into the other but Radjenovic did say she had some concerns about the injuries her partner might pick up racing on the track again.

Radjenovic said she was happy with her equal best result in the circumstances.

"I know 14th doesn't seem like much to people at home but it is really hard to be 14th in bobsleigh," Radjenovic said.

"To be 0.06sec from a Canadian team and to be not much behind the British who have about $3.4 million pounds and we had about $70,000 over four years so we are pretty happy. It was a big effort," she said.

With the likes of former US track racer Lolo Jones also competing these Games, Pittman said athletics in Australia was ripe for transferring more people into bobsleigh. Sally Pearson's name was even raised.

"I've already sent her an email," Pittman said with a smile when asked about the defending Olympic 100 metre champion.

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