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David Morris could have moved overseas

By AAP .
18 February 2014 02:58PM EST

THE father of Winter Olympics silver medallist David Morris admits his son had been offered deals by the strong Swiss and Canadian teams after a number of rejections from his own country.

"Very early in the piece (he was approached) when he was struggling to find a spot in Australia because we didn't have a men's program," Shane Morris said after his son's aerial skiing triumph in Sochi.

"(But) he's an Australian, simple as that.

"He said, 'I just can't bring myself to do it'."

Shane, mother Margaret and brother Peter have been constants at these Games.

And it's not hard to miss the Morris family.

Shane got into a minor fracas with security officials over the use of the Boxing Kangaroo flag at the moguls while Peter has been dressing up in a green and gold suit.

"It's all his work, we just put up the money basically," Shane said with a laugh.

"He is a bit of a dag and he loves to show off."

For all the laughs though, David Morris had clearly done it tough for years as he struggled to convince Australian officials he was worthy of financial support.

The national team had just one men's aerialist go to an Olympics before Morris; Jono Sweet back in 1998.

But Morris's determination won the OWI over.


"I actually wasn't the one who necessarily supported Dave initially," OWI boss Geoff Lipshut admitted after Morris's silver medal win.

"I made a bet with the staff that if Dave got a medal at the Olympics then I'd have to admit I was wrong. And I was wrong."

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