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Swann has no problems with Pietersen

By AAP .
27 December 2013 01:25AM EST

NEWLY retired offspinner Graeme Swann revealed on Thursday that he has reassured Kevin Pietersen that his remark about arrogant cricketers was not a reference to his former England teammate.

After announcing his shock retirement from the sport last week, Swann spoke critically about players who, in his opinion, had "their heads up their own backsides".

Following suggestions in the media that he had been referring to Pietersen, Swann used Twitter and his newspaper column to assert that he had actually been speaking about opposition players.

Former England coach and current Sky and Channel 9 commentator David Lloyd did reveal on Twitter that it was four Australian players whom Swann was referring to.

He confirmed that the four were captain Michael Clarke, all-rounder Shane Watson, wicket-keeper Brad Haddin and controversial opener David Warner.

Swann told BBC Radio 5 that he had contacted Pietersen personally, saying: "I've spoken to Kev yesterday (Wednesday).

"I assured him there was nothing in it aimed towards him. He said, 'I know exactly who you were talking about.'"

Swann claimed that all of his former teammates knew which players were the focus of his ire.

"All the England guys are with me, and they know who grinds my gears around the world in cricket," he said.

"Perhaps the rest of the world will - maybe I'll have to release a new book now!"

Swann was speaking prior to the fourth Ashes Test in Melbourne, having announced his retirement after Australia established an unassailable 3-0 lead in the five-match series.


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Julie 27 December 2013 2:53PM

Oh Really ! Swan meant Aussie players ! Didn't think any Aussies played for England !
Swan said playing for eng was a privilege ! Back tracking now !!