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Swann denies critising England

By AAP .
23 December 2013 01:20PM EST

NEWLY-retired off-spinner Graeme Swann has sparked talk of dissension in the English team, accusing unnamed cricketers of being up themselves.

"Some people playing the game at the minute have no idea how far up their own backsides they are," Swann told English journalists after his retirement announcement.

"It will bite them on the arse one day and, when it does, I hope they look back and are embarrassed about how they carry on."

Commentators such as former English players Derek Pringle and Michael Vaughan have assumed he was referring current English Ashes squad members.

But Swann quickly hit back on Twitter, denying he was referring to current players and claimed he was targeting Vaughan and Pringle.

"Don't jump to conclusions Vaughney. I wasn't talking about the England dressing room or anyone in it. You too bbc," Swann tweeted.

Swann added: "Just because Derek Pringles writes something I find it astonishing that people buy into it?! Making stuff up sells papers I suppose."

Former England captain Vaughan said Swann should not have made the comments so soon after retiring.

"I agree with @Swannyg66 that some players are getting ahead of themselves but I don't think he should have said it the day after retiring," Vaughan said on Twitter.

Vaughan had earlier commented: "So @Swannyg66 says some England players heads are up their own Arse???? Which ones exactly??"

He added: "As a respected senior player in the dressing room @Swannyg66 Why didn't you sort players out who got too big for themselves ??"

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