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DRS controversy never far from Ashes

By AAP .
14 December 2013 09:48PM EST

AHH yes, a Test series just wouldn't be the same without a DRS controversy.

The highly-criticised decision review system hardly made a peep during Australia's crushing wins over England in Brisbane and Adelaide.

But England's hopes of winning the third Ashes Test in Perth were dented when the DRS popped up to play a part in the demise of Joe Root.

The 22-year-old was on four when he was given out by umpire Marais Erasmus for edging Shane Watson through to Brad Haddin.

Root was adamant he never hit the ball, and immediately called for a review.

Hot spot showed nothing.

But snicko - which had only recently been approved for DRS use - showed a faint sound.

However, that sound appeared to come a split second after the ball had passed the bat, and it wasn't the usual sharp squiggle associated with a bat-on-ball nick.

Snicko alone wouldn't have been enough to give Root out.

But given Erasmus's original call was out, third umpire Tony Hill needed to decide whether there was enough evidence to overturn the decision.

He didn't think there was, much to the displeasure of Root, who shook his head in disbelief as he trudged off the ground.

Australia have also felt dudded by the review system at various times during the home-and-away Ashes series.

But sometimes it's not the fault of the DRS technology, but rather the people manning them.

Hill and Erasmus were part of the umpiring team that made a series of howlers during the last Ashes series in England.

There was the infamous time at Trent Bridge when Stuart Broad edged spinner Ashton Agar to slip but refused to walk.

DRS would have undoubtedly given Broad out on that occasion, but Australia didn't have any challenges left.

Then there was Usman Khawaja's dismissal at Old Trafford, when he was given out caught despite replays showing he hadn't come close to hitting the ball.

Both the on-field umpire and DRS officiator got it wrong that time.

Just like some players, DRS is proving hit-and-miss at times.

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