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Cairns no cheat, calls out ICC

By AAP .
8 December 2013 01:49PM EST

CHRIS Cairns has hit out at "sickening" rumour and speculation after being named this week as one of three former Black Caps linked to an International Cricket Council investigation into match-fixing.

The former star all-rounder, batsman Lou Vincent and paceman Daryl Tuffey are the three New Zealanders named by the iCC in the probe.

Cairns says no-one from the ICC or New Zealand Cricket has approached him about the investigation.

"Yet I am named around the world as one of three NZ cricket players involved in it," he wrote in a column in the Sunday Star-Times.

"But until I am notified by the ICC that I am involved in this investigation, how are media around the world allowed to print such an incorrect account of the current facts?"

In 2012, Cairns won a libel action against former Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi, who had accused him on Twitter of match-fixing.

He said the case was a brutal experience, but he walked out of the High Court in London vindicated and with his credibility and reputation intact.

"Can you begin to imagine how sickening it feels to be the subject of yet more rumour and press speculation now as I am embarking on a media career that is potentially in ruins?"

The 43-year-old former all-rounder said his position had always been that he would fully co-operate with all inquiries.

"Of course I want this garbage to stop, and stop quickly," he said.

"But I never hid on the cricket field and I'm not hiding now."

Cairns said he was proud of his reputation and his family name.

"Hello International Cricket Council, I am not a cheat and you know where to find me."

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