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Haddin says Stokes let-off was funny

By AAP .
6 December 2013 08:47PM EST

BRAD Haddin thought it was damn funny, but England's Test debutant Ben Stokes couldn't find the humour in it.

Stokes thought he'd claimed Haddin as his first Test victim, caught behind for 51, on Friday's day two of the second Test in Adelaide.

Haddin thought so too.

"I was on my way off to get a cold drink and Michael (Clarke) said 'come back'," Haddin said.

Haddin paused as umpires checked for a no-ball.

And typical of England's grim fortunes so far in the Adelaide Test, replays showed Stokes overstepped the crease - Haddin was reprieved and went on to make 118.

Asked his initial reaction, Haddin said: "Humour".

The Australian walked back to the batting crease and Stokes, clearly not seeing the funny side, voiced his displeasure.

"I don't know what he said," Haddin said with a smile. "I didn't bowl the no-ball."

Stokes refused to specify what he said.

"It was pretty frustrating, obviously," said the New Zealand-born 22-year-old.

"I had to put it behind me and make sure, when I was at the end of my mark, I was focused on what I needed to do from then on."

Haddin played out the over, with a stout forward defence from the last ball - after which, he walked towards Stokes and reminded him of his error.

More words followed as umpire Marais Erasmus tried to separate the players.

But, coincidentally, Stokes also couldn't quite remember what Haddin said.

"There was nothing much, just being in the heat of a battle," Stokes said.

"Things can get heated out there. That is all it was."

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