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I don't have anger problems: Brown

By AAP .
4 December 2013 07:45PM EST

AGGRESSION was the key to Campbell Brown's on-field success.

But the 205-game veteran denied it was also the catalyst for his spectacular AFL downfall after being sacked by Gold Coast Suns on Wednesday for breaking his teammate Steven May's jaw.

Brown, 30, promptly retired after being axed when a Suns investigation confirmed he had struck May in an incident outside a Los Angeles nightclub following Gold Coast's pre-season camp in Arizona.

It came almost two years after the 2007 All-Australian was dumped from the Suns leadership group for his part in a Thailand bar-room brawl in September 2011.

But Brown - who was also suspended a total of 29 games from 14 charges in his career - did not believe he had anger issues.

"I don't think I have a problem," he said.

"There has been a couple of incidents over a 13 year career. I don't think it happens all that often."

Brown admitted it was not how he wanted to end his career but claimed he had no regrets and would walk away from the game with his "head held high".

Asked how he would like to be remembered, Brown said: "Someone who gave everything they possibly have to a footy club.

"I have tried to play it as hard as I could, to play it my way. And I am pretty proud of what I have achieved.

"I crossed the line a few times but I think I can walk away from the game with my head held high."

Brown said he remained friends with May who needed two plates to repair the break in his left jaw when he returned to Australia but was expected to be back at training in a fortnight.

Suns boss Travis Auld did not want to go into details but denied speculation that Brown had "king hit" May.

"It is very clear from a club perspective that striking a player is clearly not acceptable," he said.

"Campbell has let the club and himself down.

"We were left with no choice but to part ways."

But Auld added: "Campbell has played a very important role in establishing this football club and I would not want this to be lost by the events of the last week."

Brown had one year left on his contract but was set to miss next season's opening round due to suspension.

The rugged defender said he believed 2014 would have been his final AFL season and flagged a future as a player manager.

Meanwhile, Auld said there would be no additions to their player list despite the sacking.


* Charges: 14
* Guilty: 13
* Matches suspended: 29
* Fines: $6400

At Hawthorn:
* 15 weeks in total from Rd 3, 2004 to Rd 17, 2010

At Gold Coast:
* 14 weeks in total from Rd 3, 2011 to Rd 20, 2013


* 2005: Dropped for one week by Hawthorn for breaking a convenience store window after Luke Hodge's 21st birthday party

* 2007: Fined $15,000 for giving misleading evidence to the AFL Tribunal in a bid to help Chris Judd escape a misconduct charge

* 2009: Described Essendon's Matthew Lloyd as "one of the biggest snipers in the game" and promised retribution after Lloyd charged into Brad Sewell, fracturing the midfielder's jaw

* 2011: Stripped of Suns leadership position after being detained by Thai police following an altercation during an end-of-season trip. He was released without charge

* 2013: Sacked after fracturing teammate Steven May's jaw in an altercation in Los Angeles

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