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Warne wants 50-50 deregulated

By Kim Hagdorn
4 February 2013 05:30PM EST

CRICKET legend Shane Warne has weighed into the world-wide decline of interest in limited-overs internationals.

In a second release of his inflammatory views on the game and especially criticism of Australian cricket operations, Warne calls for an overhaul on one-day games.

The game's greatest ever leg-spinner also wants an expansion of the rapidly growing phenomenon of Twenty20 cricket.

He says T20 games should be played on bigger grounds and a raise in limitation of five overs to a bowler be introduced instead of the current four overs.

And the champion leggie and outspoken critic of the game forecasts radical change to 50-over games.

World cricket authorities are already severely reviewing 50-50 games with global reports of a decline in interest and the rapidly expanding priority to T20 tournaments throughout already busy international schedules for all nations. 

"We have changed the rules/ laws too many times in this form of the game, everyone is confused," Warne said in another extensive blog on his own website

"It is time to de-regulate 1 day cricket.

"No restrictions with the field, none, place the fielders anywhere you want, this will create so many options and the attacking captains and teams will win.

"The only law should be that no bowler can bowl more than 10 overs."

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