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Carlton's Waite in new scare

By Kim Hagdorn
4 February 2013 04:18PM EST

CARLTON superstar Chris Judd has been joined in rehabilitation by big utility Jarrad Waite.

As Judd launches a two to three-week recovery program for a hamstring strain he suffered late into Blues training on Friday, the injury-prone Waite is now nursing a calf problem.

Judd, 29, is expected to be restricted to light running duties for at least a fortnight which will impact into any possible early NAB Cup summer series appearances.

He is believed to have what medical and fitness experts refer to as “a grade one” hamstring strain in the same leg he suffered a nasty injury in the final qualifying home-and-away game of last season against St Kilda.

Judd has stepped down as Carlton captain after five years as skipper since crossing from West Coast to the Blues.

He is tipped to be replaced as skipper by on-ball ace Marc Murphy or nuggetty midfield all-rounder Andrew Carrazzo.

Waite is understood to have strained his calf a week ago when Blues pre-season training schedules are believed to have been in an especially heavy loading phase.

Waite has been restricted to significant running training as he nursed a nasty finger injury on his left hand that the big key-position all-rounder suffered in a full-tilt leading and marking drill a little more than a fortnight back.

Waite appears to be earmarked for a starting role in new coach Mick Malthouse’s revamped Blues scoring division and initially suffered his finger problem in specialist forward marking skills.

The strong-marking big utility suffered a succession of nagging back and hamstring problems over the past two seasons.

Waite managed just 11 games last year and 12 the season through on-going injury concerns.

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