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Tippett heads to draft

By Kim Hagdorn
28 November 2012 12:23PM EST

DEPARTED Adelaide forward Kurt Tippett has taken a major step to finding a new club when he nominated for the AFL pre-season draft.

The AFL announced on Wednesday that Tippett had nominated for the December 11 pre-season draft as an uncontracted player after he requested to be de-listed from the Crows.

Tippett, 25, could not nominate for the league's last player selection system of the year unless he had been de-listed from the Crows.

He is now expected to be taken by either Greater Western Sydney with the first pick of the pre-season draft, or at the end of the selection process by reigning premiers Sydney.

It is understood that very few clubs will participate in the final selection of players ahead of the 2013 season with only the Giants and Swans expected to be able to afford Tippett's exorbitant asking price.

The powerhouse forward, who has played 104 senior Adelaide games, is understood to be insisting on around $900,000 a season for at least four years.

A league statement announced Tippett's latest tactic in his bid to find a new club.

AFL investigators have been establishing alleged secret deals between Tippett and his management with Crows officials which could be considered in breach of draft and salary cap regulations.

He must front a full AFL commission hearing into the allegations on Friday when Tippett and Crows officials face potentially heavy sanctions if breaches of the draft and player payments are confirmed.

The league said on Wednesday:

"The AFL wishes to advise that Kurt Tippett today nominated as an uncontracted listed player for the upcoming 2012 NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft by submitting AFL Form 40 and Form 11.

"As an advisory to all media, as player Tippett removed himself from the Adelaide Crows’ list, he does not qualify as a free agent.

"Player Tippett has been given permission by the AFL to have an extension to lodge set financial terms as a Category 1 player for his remuneration with the AFL next week, Monday December 3, after the result of this Friday’s AFL Commission hearing is known."

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