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Van Berlo manager hits out

By Kim Hagdorn
15 November 2012 11:54PM EST

ADELAIDE Crows captain Nathan van Berlo’s management has emphatically denied any wrong doing with his contract after allegations broke that he was connected with the ugly Kurt Tippett affair.

Fairfax media reports on Thursday night linked the Crows skipper to an AFL investigation into Tippett’s controversial contract that will front a full league commission hearing next week.

But van Berlo’s manager Colin Young slammed the reports.

Young declared his client’s deal was straight forward and had no unusual clauses attached.

He said he is aware that all Crows players are under strict AFL scrutiny as the league continues to investigate irregularities into Tippett’s deal that is headed for next week’s full commission hearing.

"We all accept that there is an ongoing investigation at the AFL," Young said

"However it is ridiculous to suggest that any other player is involved with a Tippett-type contract.

“It’s an absolute disgrace that somebody can write a beat-up like this and connect Nathan van Berlo to anything deceitful.

“I can’t believe this and Nathan is flabbergasted.

“Nathan van Berlo is certainly not embroiled in the Kurt Tippett contract dispute with the AFL.

"I can assure anybody of that.

"I spoke with Nathan late into Thursday night about this rubbish that has been written regarding his contract.

“He is pretty disillusioned with an industry that can do what is going on away from the playing field and the football side of the AFL right at the moment.”

Young declared that all negotiations with Crows management at van Berlo’s last contract in 2010 were “completely above board”.

"Everything was approved by the AFL," Young said.

“There is absolutely nothing untoward in Nathan van Berlo’s contract with the Adelaide football club and I can’t believe someone would claim that.

“The AFL is investigating everything about Kurt Tippett’s deal and the entire football industry knows that is going on.

“We all accept that probably 38 or 40-odd Adelaide footballers are having questions about their contracts asked by the AFL investigators.

“That’s fine and we all expect that.

“But to find a story and to write about Nathan van Berlo is just ridiculous.

“It is just wrong and we are furious to say the very least.”

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