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Howe grabs AFL mark of the year

By Chris Pike
29 September 2012 01:42PM EST

MELBOURNE'S Jeremy Howe has won the AFL's mark of the year, with the grab in Round 8 against Sydney judged the best of his amazing eight nominations.

In an otherwise dismal year for the Demons, Howe was literally the high point of many games, taking mark after mark of exceptional quality.

His grab on the top of Swans defender Heath Grundy was a classic, beating out another of his own effort in Round 17 and West Coast's own high flyer Nic Naitanui's effort in Round 9.

Howe's season was also rewarded internally, finishing seventh in the club's best and fairest this year.

“My second year, with another pre-season (completed), I got a lot of confidence out of playing - especially being able to play every game this year,” Howe told this week.

“My game has gone to another level and that’s due to confidence.

“I just feel comfortable in the group now and I’m continually trying to work on my game and again, going into my third pre-season, I’m looking on improving my game as much as I can.”

Carlton's Chris Yarran won the goal of the year award, for his spectacular, but controversial, effort in Round 1 against Richmond.

Yaran was perilously close to taking the ball out of bounds as he weaved his way past the Tigers, but it stood - and won the Blues speedster the prestigious prize.

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