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A-League let slip new Sydney team name

By Chris Pike
19 June 2012 01:11PM EST

THE A-League may have mistakenly stolen the thunder from the major launch of the new Sydney franchise, by letting slip the club's new name.

With the west Sydney name, colours and logo to be officially revealed next Monday, the new club were included in the draw for the new season which was unveiled today.

But amongst the A-League website was a preview of the first Sydney derby - with the new club to take on Sydney FC on October 20 - including the name "Western Sydney Wanderers".

That name was one of the four trademarked by the FFA earlier in the year - and was swiftly removed from the preview when social media cricles began buzzing.

The club itself did confirm the term “Western Sydney” would be in the title after a poll amongst potential fans.

"With any new business, especially as one as important as this one is to everyone, the early key decisions of a business are critical for its successful future and time simply must be taken to get them right," said CEO Lyall Gorman.

"We have been working feverishly behind the scenes to build the club from the ground up.

"Our focus, before making any official announcements, has been to put in place those building blocks that will ensure a long and bright future for our club including all the necessary legal and business processes.

"The most important announcement for us to make is the official club name, club logo and club colours.

"As this is such a big event in the life of the club, we needed to have a stand-alone event to accomplish this feat."

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