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Richmond fans torn over new Tiger

By Chris Pike
19 October 2011 03:20PM EST

TIGERS fans are torn over the new logo unveiled by the club, with some Richmond faithful upset members were not consulted about the new image.

The Tigers today unveiled the new emblem to adorn the club’s branding and NAB Cup guernseys in 2012, after it was first revealed by back in June.

And with merchandise already available for fans to purchase, even before the fixtures for 2012 have been released, opinions were split over whether the new branding was a success – or diluted the yellow and black.

“What a waste of money, I would buy a new Polo shirt every season, I won't be next season, the Brisbane mascot has a new best friend the ''Paddle Pop Tiger'', haven't we got more important things to worry about, like making the finals,” one fan wrote on the club’s website.

“It's disappointing that the club has gone to such lengths (extensive research, interviews and workshops, in co-operation with creative agency Canyon Design Group), yet did not include the opinion of the members in their choice. The new tiger is not ferocious. This is not the Tiger of Old,” said another.

“Every year I spend a substantial amount at the Tiger Den, but I doubt I'll be buying merchandise with this logo.”

Others however were more positive.

"We are a club full of pride and respect. I love how the tiger stand tall to demand respect ... thank you Richmond for a brand new era leading forward to a exciting future," said Roy Stewart.

The restyled Tiger features prominent yellow, black and white stripes, with the roaring head standing outside the shield-shaped background and looking in the opposite direction to the current version.

Club CEO Brendon Gale said extensive market research had gone into the rebranding – but the club were also aware that not including fans would be contentious.

“This is a project that the club’s administration is responsible for delivering, as that has been the case when the club has made changes in the past," the club website said.

"The club's board has an administration that they have great confidence in – they have undertaken a thorough and considered process and achieved a very worthwhile result.

“An internal committee was formed to oversee the process and this group worked closely with creative agency Canyon Design Group.

“The club thinks the finished product is a wonderful representation of what this club stands for.”

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John 19 October 2011 4:40PM

Someone give Dustin Martin a steak sandwich.

Andrew 19 October 2011 5:02PM

Those are pre-season/training guernseys...

Steve Arnott 19 October 2011 6:28PM

This logo is not the ferocious Tiger that would instill fear in opposition clubs. This is a cartoon nicety of the AFL's clampdown on the ferrocity of our great game! Good one Benny Gale, you've softened our great club. Steve Arnott

cameron 20 October 2011 9:24AM

lol u idiot whoever wrote this. waste of time buddy. much more important things in life then a new logo. and trust me they didn't really go out of there way to make this hahaha

wba 20 October 2011 2:59PM

Gone from the club with best song and logo to a club with best song with average logo. probably just to reduce production cost of outstanding detailed logo on merchandise to average cartoon character. Bet the savings doesn't get passed on to the fans.

Karen 21 October 2011 3:47PM

Thanks Brendan Gale what about the tattoo I have on my arm....
It's now obsolete..... You idiot...