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Meet the new Shane Warne

By Kim Hagdorn
1 August 2011 12:24PM EST

EXCLUSIVE: MEET WORLD cricket’s new Shane Warne.

He’s a highly talented leg-spinner from Perth in Western Australia and actually shares the same birthday as the greatest leggie in cricket’s history.

Cameron Steel, 15, was also born on September 13 and is showing enough in his brilliant leg-tweakers that famous England county clubs Middlesex and Somerset have already shown interest in signing his services.

There’s talk of counties offering the bright spin prospect schooling scholarships to finish his education in England.

The Year 11 student at prestigious public school Scotch College in leafy western suburbs of Perth spent his mid-year vacation last month in England when he bowled to Middlesex First XI players at cricket’s most famous venue of all, Lord’s.

He was even invited to experience net bowling to England and Indian squads ahead of the euphoric 2000th Test and 100th between the two nations at the home of the great game.

Steel has been reluctant to commit to a life of professional cricket on the intense English county circuit with plans to at least complete secondary schooling in Perth at Scotch before any hard career decision.

For the time being it’s coaching with wily old local club cricket stalwart Ted Wishart and continuing his evolution on the WA scene with the state under-17s squad after Steel led his state’s under-15 team to a national champion last year.

Wishart who played league cricket in Perth for almost 50 years and has never stopped spotting talent and coaching emerging young spinners, declares he has never found such a competent young leggie.

He’s a full package and eager to constantly improve an already competent bag of spin bowler’s tricks, according to Wishart.

“He’s got an accuracy and control of a full variety of a leg-spinner’s repertoire better than I ever seen from a young bowler,” Wishart said.

Steel already plays second grade with his WA Cricket Association club Claremont-Nedlands in preference to youth levels in order to hasten his spin bowling and more than capable right-handed batting talents.

Steel was born in California in the United States and raised in England until April of 2009 when he moved down under with his family.

The budding young champion is currently waiting for confirmation of his Australian citizenship, which is expected to arrive over the upcoming Aussie summer.

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KB 2 August 2011 2:53PM

So will he play for England or Australia one day? It sounds like he is more English than Australian.

MD 2 August 2011 4:17PM

Last paragraph says he is waiting for his australian citizenship which should arrive in the summer so I would say he will play for Australia

Gel 2 August 2011 8:42PM

He's only fifteen years old,and talk of future International regognition is most premature.
Many of a similar age have shown huge promise as leg spinners,only to lose the art as they become older and their bodies develop and their limbs grow less supple.
Future England captains Colin Cowdret,Nasser Hussain and Mike Atheton were all mainly leg-spinners rather than batsman in their early teens,but lost the art as they grew older and bowled hardly at all later on.
It would be wrong to harbour too many expectations of this young man until he has fully matured.

Ms Blythe 3 August 2011 8:41PM

hes my spanish student and is so cute rawrrrr

Dyl m 3 August 2011 9:38PM

He's cute is he miss? Haha. Shame he won't play for wales 3 August 2011 8:51PM

this kid knows what he is doing. he might lack in birding, but he knows how to bowl. watch out australia.... this kids got talent. onya boi

Dyldo 3 August 2011 9:39PM

Sigh jbox...

Lang Daddy 3 August 2011 10:15PM

Yeh look the kids got talent, and im certain he's gonna go far, but he has really got to sort out the situation with ladies and thats a huge factor in development of this young lad. The future looks bright all i know it that im going to be his vip and the alan border medal.

Ken 3 August 2011 10:27PM

Shut your mouth 'gel', of course he's going to play for Australia

atcha 4 August 2011 3:48PM

Gel mot, sort it out. This kid is a serious mot when he kills it spinning it up your gonna be pretty cut cos your comment is absolutely crap.

Hannah Oliver 4 August 2011 8:51PM

Awwwwww Cameron, Well done BABE!!! I'll congratulate you this weekend ;)

djboxie 4 August 2011 11:18PM

"Gel" mate, when you have captained a state side like this talented kid you can speak up? but his already achieveved so much for a 15 year old boy. He has a very bright future in any path he choses. atchhaaaaa