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About Us


SPORTSNEWSFIRST is changing the way in which Sports News and Content is delivered.

SPORTSNEWSFIRST enables sports fans to keep up with the latest news and results, but also extend their sports experience Beyond-the-Match.

Sports fans want to access as much information as possible, and they also want to be able to engage with other sports fans, and ultimately the players themselves.

SPORTSNEWSFIRST is the only medium by which this can be achieved.

SPORTSNEWSFIRST is backed and supported by Australia’s biggest Sports Marketing Group.

SPORTSNEWSFIRST has unmatched player access with over 250 elite athletes providing exclusive content:

*Exclusives, Opinion Pieces, Match Previews & Reports
*Fan Zones
*Live blogs and 1-to-1 communications

SPORTSNEWSFIRST proudly employs some of Australia’s most respected and talented Journalists to provide engaging and entertaining content...FIRST!

SPORTSNEWSFIRST guarantee’s to provide visitors with the most engaging & original sports content available across any medium in Australia.

SPORTSNEWSFIRST will provide sponsors with not only the latest in display & rich media advertising, but also unique and truly one-off beyond-the-banner opportunities for your company.