Brisbane Broncos tips odds

Broncos firm to beat Sharks in 2017 NRL Opener

Online bookmaker has completely swapped the odds for Thursday night’s NRL blockbuster between the Sharks and Broncos.

  • Broncos go from $2.00 outsiders to $1.81 favourites v Sharks
  • Seven times as much money bet on Broncos to win season opener

Cronulla have gone from $1.80 favourites to $2.00 outsiders, while Brisbane have been backed in from $2.00 to $1.81.

Seven times as many dollars have been invested on the Broncos in comparison to the Sharks.

Punters have deserted Cronulla since Grand Final day with the premiers blowing out from $9 to $15 to defend their title.

“As defending premiers playing on their home ground, we had to put up the Sharks as favourites, but sheer weight of money has turned the odds upside down overnight,” said’s Christian Jantzen.

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Sharks v Broncos

$2.00   Sharks              (out from $1.80)

$1.81   Broncos          (in from $2.00)


Winning Margin

$3.30   Sharks 1-12     (out from $3.00)

$5.00   Sharks 13+       (out from $4.00)

$2.88   Broncos 1-12  (in from $3.25)

$3.75   Broncos 13+    (in from $5.00)

2017 Grand Final Winner

$7.50   Storm

$7.50   Panthers

$9.00   Raiders

$9.00   Cowboys

$10      Roosters

$12      Broncos           (out from $7.00)

$12      Warriors

$15      Sharks              (out from $9.00)

$15      Rabbitohs

$17      Titans

$17      Eels

$23      Bulldogs

$29      Sea Eagles

$29      Tigers

$101    Dragons

$151    Knights

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